Friday, July 14, 2006

Remembering Red Buttons

Red ButtonsRed ButtonsI never had the pleasure of meeting Red Buttons, but he made an impact on my life. Sayonara is one of my favorite movies. It taught me a lot about compassion and equality. He had a remarkable career. But when I read about Red in the news reports about his passing, I was even more impressed by how much he accomplished for charity.

Red served as an honorary reserve officer for the U.S. Army Reserve and the Orange County Sheriff's Department. His tireless work for the City of Hope earned him a "Spirit of Life Award". He was also awarded a lifetime achievement "Suzie" from the Eddie Cantor Foundation, and was named "Mr. Wonderful" at the 49th annual ball of the Thalians, Hollywood's original celebrity charity. On the old Dean Martin roasts, Red was famous for his "never got a dinner" routine... I'm glad that he was recognized himself for his charitable work.

Thanks, Red.
Annie Van Bebber


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