Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Tribute: Melissa's Dad

My Dad was diagnosed in July of 1997, complaining of symtoms that were similar to kidney stones. After an MRI, it was discovered that his pancreas was very enlarged. More testing confirmed the AML type of Leukemia. He went into chemotherapy isolation for 30 days. He emerged weak with his sense of humor and positive attitude intact. In June of 1998 my father was still symtom free and embarking on a cruise to Alaska with my mother. Within a few months, his blood showed that the AML had come back. He was determined to fight again and subjected himself to numerous chemotherapy treatments which proved to be futile. He continued to decline and left this earth in November of 1999.

Melanies Dad

He lived a full life. He and my mother traveled often, taking a cruise once a year to an exotic locale. He loved to dance and at family gatherings, his female cousins would stand in line to dance with "Fred Astaire". He loved to play tennis at the club with his friends and always ate healthy, even before it was popular to do so. We used to go to the cafeteria as a family and Dad would always encourage my brother, sister and I to choose the vegetables and fruits with our lean entree. I still make healthy choices to this day. (My mother always chose the comfort foods.) I always wondered how such a healthy vital man could be so sick.

My dad, Buddy Rosen, had a positive effect on me in many ways. He was always generous, kind, patient, loving and was practical. He encouraged me to have big dreams and follow them even though he always made the sensible choice for himself. Dad was my biggest fan and I miss him on the sidelines cheering me on to my victories and comforting me when I felt defeated. When I was feeling sorry for myself, he would say, "You should never let grass grow under your feet." That has been kept me going since he's been gone.

I hope that someday Leukemia Research will answer the biggest question that I have, "What causes this type of Leukemia?" No one knows exactly why. Team in Training provides a way that people like me can raise money for research to answer all the questions and eventually find a CURE so that this disease will be history.

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