Saturday, December 10, 2005

Young Musicians Foundation Announces Merv Griffin Chairman Of Board of Directors

Young Musicians Foundation

Merv GriffinThe Young Musicians Foundation has announced that Merv Griffin is their newest Chairman of the Board of Directors. Since 1955, The Young Musicians Foundation of Beverly Hills, California has provided encouragement and recognition to gifted young musicians from around the country through financial assistance, performance opportunities, and music education programs.

Read more at the Young Musician Foundation website.

Major League Baseball Celebrates Spirit Of Giving

Baseball's Giving Spirit
Baseball's Giving Spirit
Jeff Weaver makes time to visit
Children's Hospital Los Angeles. (

Fans, Players, Citizens Came Together To Help Hurricane Victims

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita decimated the Gulf Coast of the United States in 2005, but mixed among the rubble were plenty of stories of the triumph of the human spirit through kindness and charity. Major League Baseball was there to contribute to the recovery efforts for both storms, and it's something to look back on during this holiday season as we celebrate communities and the spirit of giving and receiving.

Read more at the Chicago White Sox website.